Adversaries are enemies who players can fight. Players can gain rewards by successfully defeating adversaries.
All adversaries have a time limit by which they can be killed

  • Adversaries: 2 hours
  • Awakened Adversaries: 30 minutes

A player can only find one adversary at a time, BUT a player can fight multiple adversaries depending on the number of adversaries their friends find.
FOR EXAMPLE: If I have 5 friends, then I will be able to fight a total of 6 adversaries at a time (1 including my own). Awakened Adversaries Sometimes a stronger version of the adversary you just defeated will appear right after (called Awakened Adversary).
These enemies are much stronger than the regular adversaries and have a higher chance of dropping better rewards.
Rewards Basic Rewards - Every time a player completes a battle scene, they will receive EXP & Gold
Cards - Cards are only distributed if the adversary is defeated
- The finder of the adversary will receive 2 cards
- The user who defeated the adversary will receive 2 cards
- All players who attacked the adversary will receive 1 card
Friends - Adversary System
The player who found the adversary has the first chance at attacking the adversary. Of course... you won't be able to defeat them (╯︵╰,) THIS IS WHERE YOUR FRIENDS COME IN TO SAVE YOU!!

Friends are allowed to attack the adversary if the finder of the adversary cannot defeat it.
If the player cannot defeat the adversary after the first attack, a message will be sent to the player's friends and they will be allowed to attack it.
All friends are allowed to attack adversaries.
Every time a user defeats an adversary, the adversaries will get stronger and harder to kill, so you WILL need your friends to help you out Here's a little graphic in the following to summarize the adversary system!